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Instruction of the using the FiiO Music in FiiO M6/M7/M9

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In order to let you get better experience in using the FiiO Music in FiiO M6/M7/M9, we write a instruction of using the FiiO Music APP. Hope it can help!

APP homepage
On launching the FiiO Music app, the following homepage will appear. The following functions can be performed on the homepage:

Settings:tap the icon to go to app settings options;

Return to desktop: tap the icon to return to main screen;
Playing page: tap the icon to jump to playing page;
Recently played: Lists your recently played songs according to the time it is played;
Most played: Lists your most popular songs according to playback frequency;
Recently added: Lists the tracks that are recently added to the library.

Settings Menu

1)Off timer(music App) :The FiiO Music will automatically turn off after a set amount of time. You can choose from 10minutes to 90 minutes.
2)Scan for songs: Scan and add the music files to media library
3)Resume:In Song mode, when turned on again the FiiO Music will resume playing at the beginning of the song being last played before being turned off. In Position mode, when turned on again the FiiO Music will resume playing from the exact position of the last song being played before being turned off.
4)Gapless playback: Not available in DSD and lossy formats
5)Play through folders
6)Auto update:Choose manual or auto media library update
7)Replay gain
8)Usb output mode: Under D2P mode, you play the PCM signal and will get the original PCM signal out. When playing the DSD signal, system will convert the DSD signal to PCM signal and output.  Under DoP mode, PCM signal can be directly outputted and so does DSD signal.
9)HWA: Turn on the HWA Bluetooth codec support
10) Wifi song transfer
12)Lock screen album art
13)Enter nowplaying after play
14) Lock screen lyrics
15)FiiO link:With the built-in FiiO link function, you could control the part of operations on FiiO Music player by the FiiO Music app on your smart phone and ther related info will be display synchronously, after the FiiO Music player is paired with smart phone via Bluetooth.
>>>More information: Click here
16) Reset database

Quickly locate in all music
When the list is ordered by alphabet (tap the blue circle to the lower right and select the “A->Z” option), you can slide your finger over the alphabet list to the right of the screen and quickly jump to the part of the list that starts with the selected letter.

Gesture operation
Sliding your finger from right to left over a list item to enable the shortcuts menu and tap on the icons to perform the operations.

Switch displaying information: Click on the middle of the album cover to switch between displaying the album cover, lyrics, ID3 info.
View playlist: slide in from left edge to view the current list of songs queued for play; tap any song on the list to jump to that song;
Adjust volume: Scroll the volume knob to show a full screen volume pane, no operation for 2s or click "Back" button, this pane will disappear;
Slide to fast forward/rewind: tap anywhere on the progress bar below the album cover area to fast forward or rewind playing;

Note: While in the lyrics display page, you can adjust the playback progress by sliding over the lyrics, adjust lyrics timeline or adjust font size.

Function menu
Tap the shortcuts icon of function menu, the following functions can be performed.

Selected sort order: sort by added time, sort by first letter, sort by filename.
Bulk management: batched playback, batched adds to my favorite, batched add to playlist, batched delete, exit batch operation

Tap buttons
The tap buttons from top to bottom on the playing screen:
1) Return: return to Original path
2) Search: Tap to show a full screen search pane for all songs on the M9. Searching for track title, album name and artist name are supported. Recent searching history is saved;
3) Equalizer: tap to the equalizer settings;
4) Play mode: Tap to choose between Play All once, Loop Single, Shuffle and Loop All;
5) Add to playlist: Tap to show playlists screen, tap to add the present song to a playlist of your choosing. 6) Add to Favorites: Tap to add the present track to the Favorites playlist;
7) More functions: Tap to view track info or delete the present track;
8) Previous track
9) Play / Pause: Tap to Play or Pause the present track
10) Next track

FiiO Music has built-in a graphic equalizer. One may choose between the given genre presets directly, or adjust the ten frequency bands from 20 to 20kHz independently from -6 to +6 dB, thus satisfying your personalized listening needs.

1)Choose preset EQ: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show the full list of EQ presets, tap icon to switch the equalizer.
2) Customize EQ: to customize an EQ setting as below: a. Tap the button on the upper right to the right to activate the equalizer. b. Choose the genre preset to be adjusted (e.g. “User Defined”); c. Drag a vertical slider to adjust its corresponding frequency up and down. The EQ curve above changes to reflect your adjustments. Swipe left or right over the sliders to move between the low and high frequency sliders; d. Press the Back button to the lower right to exit and save changes;

3) Reset EQ: Tap the reset button at the upper right corner to reset the present EQ preset to its genre default. Note: If a factory reset is performed on the M9, all EQ settings will be reset to defaults


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