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Maintenance on Android based systems (X7/X7MK2/X5MK3)

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Post time 2018-4-12 03:23:50 |Show all posts |
Edited by DJJ at 2018-4-12 04:59

FiiOs players X5MK3, X7 and X7MK2 are based on Android 5.1.1 operating systems. These systems don‘t use automatical maintenance so you need to take care of them from time to time.

1st advice: delete unused old loginformation
Each notification (error messages as well as info messages) will be written in FiiOs log folders. That won‘t take effect on your system on the first day ... (or the second), but after a while of working with your player you should clean those subdirectories to speed up your device again.
File structures to be cleaned:

in case of errors on your system, you should have a look at those files located in the system subfolder before deleting them. Those files should be sent to FiiO support as well in case you need help.

2nd advice: check your filesystem capacity
open ES file explorer app in Android mode and have a look at the filesystem capacity of your storage:
internal_sd, external_sd1 and external_sd2
Even though we all want to save as much music on our devices as possible, its not a good idea to fill a storage up to its maximum. My advice is to leave between 1GB up to 2GB free space on the internal_sd.
Let me try to explain it. The operating system uses the internal_sd for reading an writing their configuration files, cache files and log files as well. In case of huge memory load the operating system tries to write and read (swap) memory information as well to the storage. In case of low free memory situations the system tries to use permanent intelligent swapping which is very power consuming. This system power consuming will slow down your system dramatically.
During system startup the operating system tries to write log information to the system storage. In case of low system storage, the start of your system will slow down as well.
I suppose you agree that its a good idea to keep your system in proper condition.

3rd advice: type of music files
even though our FiiO devices are able to play various different music file formats such as mp3/flac/... you will realize that the default FiiO music player app will take a short break each time you change the music file format while playing in a playlist.
To avoid these unwanted breaks you should try to use a uniform file format (e.g. flac) for your music files.
I know thats impossible, ... but try to do it as far as possible. You will realize that your music player will say „thank you“

4th advice: work on your id3 tags carefully
your device will use your id3 tags to enable the right playorder for your files as well as displaying cover information. Your id3 tags should be worked out properly to enable a reliable playorder and search functionality.
Your device will ignore any „non music“ files in your music folders, but updating your music library and scrolling through your album list (using album covers) will take longer in case there are other files in your music folders apart from the music itsself (thats what I found out on my own system)

5th advice: cover information
You may like to add huge and colourful cover pictures to your id3 tags resulting from the idea ... high quality music should have high quality cover information
Thats an agrument. But its not that helpful for your system performance. Please realize that your screen on your device is smaller than a cigerette box. And the display of your cover information in cover flow mode is even smaller than a thumbnail.
Try to reduce the size of your album cover to a reasonable size. Your music player will say „thank you“ again

6th advice: music file locations
each time you put new music on your device, your internal music library need to be updated. This can be done automatically or manually.
Some 3rd party music player software got the ability to specify the folders which may contain music files. So you can define which folders to be used and which folders to keep out.
Please try to decrease the number of different folders for searching music files. This will optimize your music library updates.

Please use this thread to write down your own  experiences concerning maintenance wich results into a proper system.

Cheers, DJJ

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Post time 2018-4-19 11:05:53 |Show all posts |
Many Thanks DJJ,

I got some Gs back from "1st advice: delete unused old log information".

this is very useful info to me. appreciated

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Post time 2019-7-23 21:16:20 |Show all posts |
Great advice. I was doing No1, and always try to keep my cover files to 600x600 as per No5. but Nos 2 & 3 are interesting.
I run my X5iii (with a 400GB and a 200GB card) with only the default FiiO player, Google keep, and GoneMAD Music Player (as it can do SMART/automatic playlists) and Total Commander installed. If only theer was a way to keep those unwanted background services  from running (liek you can on a PC) - but then I'd first need to know which processes to safely kill!

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